The head of VTB warned of the possible departure of private investors in Bitcoin Investments

In case of narrowing the choice in the Russian securities market, a retail investor can go to bitcoin, the press service of the bank reports the words of the head of VTB Andrey Kostin.

The chairman of the board of the second largest bank of Russia by assets said that he supports the idea of ​​the Central Bank of the need to protect a private investor. At the same time, Kostin drew attention to the fact that it is important to find a balance between regulation and market development, since excessive restrictions can lead to the fact that investors will look for alternatives and leave the securities market, making a choice in favor of “less understandable, transparent and reliable products ”, that is - gold, dollar, bitcoin or accounts with foreign brokers.

Kostin recalled that one of the landmark results of the past year -
entry of a mass private investor into the Russian market, while the interests of clients are shifting towards investment products. According to the head of VTB, in the total portfolio of attracted funds of individuals of the bank (6.8 trillion rubles) the volume of such products is more than 1.8 trillion rubles.

The head of VTB noted that the restrictions of the Central Bank concerning the acquisition of complex investment products included "bonds of the largest Russian banks - VTB and Sberbank - with full capital protection, tied to gold, which are absolutely reliable from the point of view of the client's interests."

In the summer of 2020, a law was passed on the categorization of investors, according to which unqualified investors can buy complex investment products only after passing special testing. It was supposed to start in April 2022, but in January a bill was introduced to the State Duma, according to which brokers and banks will be able to start testing their clients as early as October 1, 2021 - until that time, the sale of complex investment products should be limited. The restrictions will not apply to shares issued in accordance with Russian legislation, investment-rated bonds, traded on futures and options exchanges, government securities and investment-rated Eurobonds,

In February 2019, Andrey Kostin named several reasons why, in his opinion, cryptocurrencies will never gain wide acceptance. He believed that the main factor was that the global financial system was becoming more transparent, banking secrecy and offshores were disappearing, and there was still no mechanism for regulating digital money.

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57,000% growth in 8 years. How Bitcoin reached a new all-time high

Over the past 8 years, the cost of bitcoin has grown from $ 100 to $ 57.7 thousand. In September 2013, the value of the first cryptocurrency for the first time crossed the $ 130 mark and entered an active growth phase. In November, bitcoin went up from $ 205 to $ 1127. At the end of the year, the increase was over 1000%.

In 2014, the price of the digital coin began to decline. As a result of the bearish trend, the value of bitcoin dropped to $ 172. After that, the quotes began to rise. Within a year they reached $ 250 again. The active growth phase began in October-November. In two months, the coin's price rose to $ 400. Bitcoin traded at this level until May 2016.

In June of the same year, the main digital coin almost doubled in price and reached $ 756 on June 19. The next month, on correction, its value dropped to $ 580. From this point, the quotes began to rise and reached $ 966 by the end of the year.

In the period from January to June 2017, bitcoin slowly rose to $ 3 thousand.At the end of October, bitcoin was already worth $ 6.3 thousand, and on December 16, 2017, it sets a historical maximum at that time at $ 19.6 thousand.

After that, the market changes the thread again and becomes bearish. Throughout 2018, bitcoin is getting cheaper: in January - $ 14 thousand, in February - $ 9 thousand, in March - $ 7 thousand.In the period from April to December, the value of the coin drops to $ 3.2 thousand.

In 2019, the growth phase begins again. From January to April, bitcoin rose in price to $ 5.5 thousand. In May and June, the coin is actively growing and exceeds $ 13 thousand. After this mark, bitcoin again enters a phase of decline. During the second half of the year, the coin drops in price to $ 6.6 thousand.

The first months of 2020, bitcoin steadily grows to $ 10.2 thousand, and then in mid-March its quotes fell to a local minimum below $ 5 thousand. However, they quickly recovered.

Already in September last year, the coin was traded at $ 11 thousand. By the end of December, its price skyrocketed to $ 28 thousand. For a month and a half in 2021, the cost of bitcoin increased by almost 90%, reaching $ 57 thousand. Capitalization of the main digital coin exceeded $ 1 trillion.

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An additional tool for trading with a bot from Bitcoin Investments.

For your choice, our exchange has developed three unique and very profitable programs (Trading Bots)
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Additional changes, from February 10th the minimum amount for depositing funds in cryptocurrency will be $ 50 and the minimum amount for withdrawal to any cryptocurrency will be $ 10
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An additional tool for trading with a bot from Bitcoin Investments.

For your choice, our exchange has developed three unique and very profitable programs (Trading Bots)

1 Bot:
- Trades XRP / USDT pairs.
The bot is written according to the CCU algorithm and Stochastic technical indicators, based on Ripple, it is a learner itself, collects data for improvement and is updated by the programmer.
Created for trading only in XRP / USDT pairs, profitability is 1.5% per day, the minimum amount for its launch is from $ 1000
2 Bot:
- More experienced, written for ETH / USDT trading pairs.
The bot is configured for automatic trading with the most popular and reliable cryptocurrencies based on MAC and RSI technical indicators, it is configured to work with ETHEREUM, it learns itself, collects data for improvement and updates itself automatically.
Profitability 2.5% per day, the minimum amount for its launch is from $ 15,000
3 Bot:
- Trades with BTC / USDT pairs.
The bot uses market-making and arbitrage modes, is fully automated and self-educates, makes corrections and follows the news. The artificial intelligence of the bot is able to further bring it to a level of up to 6-8% per day, at the moment it is configured to work with BITCOIN.
Profitability 4% per day, the minimum amount for its launch is from $ 35,000

Why is it convenient to work with a bot?
All your funds are inside our exchange, you can close the bot at any time and withdraw your funds to your wallet.
There are no drawdown risks, since the bot trades only using a trained trading algorithm.
Also in the "Funds in Management" section opposite your bot there will be a STOP button that will allow you to stop the bot and withdraw your funds to your wallet.
Our programmers are constantly working to improve and improve our platform, we hope you will appreciate our innovations.

Additional changes, from February 10, the minimum amount for depositing funds in cryptocurrency will be $ 50 and the minimum amount for withdrawal to any cryptocurrency will be $ 10
These changes are associated with higher transaction fees on the cryptocurrency transfer network.
With regard to fiat currencies rubles-dollars, everything remained the same, unchanged.
Sincerely, Victor Sokolnikov, the main founder of the Bitcoin Investments exchange!

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Contrary to the "falling wedge". Why and how much Bitcoin can grow

Over the past day, Bitcoin has risen in price by 16%. Its rate rose to $ 38.5 thousand, then it slightly decreased. At 19:30 Moscow time on January 29, the first cryptocurrency costs $ 37.1 thousand. The key driver of such dynamics was the gesture of the head of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk. In the profile of his Twitter account, he posted the hashtag BTC, which was followed by an increase in quotes.

NewsBTC analyst Yashu Gola expects bitcoin prices to continue to rise. On the chart of the first cryptocurrency, a falling wedge pattern was formed earlier. Its upper border acted as resistance, but now this level has been passed, the expert explained. According to him, this makes it possible for BTC to rise in price to $ 41 thousand, with a favorable development of events - up to $ 50 thousand.

The rise in price of the first cryptocurrency was also predicted by the analyst of the Cryptobriefing portal Ali Martinez. He drew attention to the fact that the price of bitcoin rose above the resistance level of $ 34 thousand. The expert drew attention to the fact that the price of bitcoin rose above the resistance level of $ 34 thousand. In this regard, the chances of the growth of the asset rate to $ 43.5 thousand increased significantly. ., Martinez is sure. He clarified that the coin left the accumulation zone, in which traders were increasing their position in BTC.

Vladimir Smetanin, CEO of Swiss cryptocurrency broker Newcent, suggested that Bitcoin will soon stabilize near the $ 36,000 mark, and this will be a good signal in favor of continued growth. The rise in the asset price above $ 34-35 thousand means its exit from the descending corridor, Smetanin explained. He added that the outlook for the coin at the end of the year also looks positive.

“We are almost sure that by the end of the year the values ​​should go beyond $ 60-70 thousand, but the estimates of $ 100 thousand sounding on the market seem quite likely. However, it will not hurt to prepare for the sinking of bitcoin to $ 25-23 thousand on the horizon of three to four months, ”Smetanin says.

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Bitcoin costará $ 115 mil. Pantera Capital dijo - cuando

El precio de bitcoin puede superar los $ 115 mil para agosto de este año, confían en la empresa de criptoinversiones Pantera Capital. Su fundador, Dan Morehead, enfatizó que no apostaría "todos mis ahorros a que esto suceda", pero dijo que tal escenario es posible. Ahora se mantiene la tasa de crecimiento de activos requerida para esto, dijo Morehead.

En abril del año pasado, la compañía entregó un pronóstico de la dinámica del valor de bitcoin hasta agosto de 2021. Hasta ahora, esta previsión se ha hecho realidad. Supuso que el 15 de enero el valor del activo sería de $ 38 mil, de hecho, ese día subió a $ 39,7 mil. El 18 de enero, la tasa de criptomoneda en Binance es de $ 36,5 mil.

Pantera Capital cree que el crecimiento actual del mercado es diferente al de los eventos de 2017, desde entonces se realizaron más inversiones en tokens altamente especulativos, y ahora en Bitcoin y Ether probados. A principios de 2021, representaban el 86% del mercado, hace cuatro años era alrededor del 50%.

La compañía mencionó cuatro factores que tendrán un impacto positivo en el mercado en 2021: nuevas medidas para respaldar la economía de EE. UU., Tasas de interés bajas, mayor participación de inversores institucionales en el mercado de criptomonedas y el desarrollo de las finanzas descentralizadas (DeFi).

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Bitcoin has risen in price to a record of $ 40 thousand

The bitcoin rate for the first time exceeded $ 40 thousand. On January 7, at 21:15 Moscow time, the price of the first cryptocurrency reached $ 40.3 thousand and set a new historical maximum. Over the past 24 hours, BTC has risen in price by 15%, its value has risen by $ 5400, according to In March, the price of the coin fell to $ 3.8 thousand, since then the growth has been more than 950%.

Due to fluctuations in the bitcoin rate, traders' positions were mass liquidated. According to, over the past 24 hours, users who trade with leverage have lost about $ 800 million. Losses were mainly borne by those who held short positions, that is, they expected the price of BTC to fall. In total, the exchanges liquidated the positions of more than 100 thousand traders, the loss of one of them exceeded $ 20 million.

A few minutes after updating the record, the price of BTC fell sharply to $ 38 thousand. Then it briefly recovered to $ 39.4 thousand. Soon the decline resumed, and the rate dropped to $ 37.6 thousand. In this regard, the daily volume of liquidations increased to $ 1.2 billion. ...

Earlier, strategists at JPMorgan bank predicted an increase in the price of bitcoin to $ 146 thousand in the long term. They assumed that in the future the first cryptocurrency would gradually replace gold as a "defensive asset", and allowed its rate to rise to $ 50-100 thousand in the coming year.

On the contrary, the commercial director of the Bitpay cryptocurrency payment system Sonny Singh warned of the risk of a sharp drop in the bitcoin rate to $ 20 thousand. Such a scenario is possible if institutional investors start selling cryptocurrency, which will be a sell-off of "unprecedented proportions," Singh explained.

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New additions and nice bonuses in 2021.

1) Nice bonuses for active partners.
If you are actively building a team, or you yourself are actively working with our traders, there will be great additional bonuses for you.
In the affiliate program section, 4 bonus scales will appear for the turnover of your team or for your own open accounts with traders.
1 Scale - team turnover $ 10,000 (your bonus $ 500 and the bonus of active partners of the 1st line $ 5)
2 Scale - team turnover $ 30,000 (your bonus $ 1,500 and the bonus of active partners of the 1st line $ 25 + increase in the partner bonus from the first three lines by 20%)
3 Scale - team turnover $ 50,000 (your bonus $ 5,000 and the bonus of active partners of the 1st line $ 50 + increase in the partner bonus from the first three lines by 30%)
4 Scale - team turnover of $ 200,000 (your bonus $ 15,000 and the bonus of active partners of the 1st line $ 150 + increase in the partner bonus on all lines for 40%)
The additions will come into force on 01.20.2021

Adding new desks for trading.
TRON / Zcash / DogeCoin cryptocurrencies will be added

2) Our Trader Filip Fomans moves to a higher leverage of trading, in this regard, increases the minimum amount to work with them to $ 20,000
Changes come into force from 01/15/2021

Once again, we congratulate everyone on the upcoming New Year, and wish you all your goals in the new year!
Sincerely, Victor Sokolnikov, founder of the Bitcoin Investments exchange!

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"The market is ripe for a correction." Why Bitcoin should fall in price

On Thursday, December 24, Bitcoin's share of the cryptocurrency market reached 69.3% for the first time in 2020. By the evening, altcoins partially won back the fall in value, so the indicator dropped to 68.6%. At 18:15 Moscow time, the average market bitcoin rate is $ 23.3 thousand, over the past day it has decreased by 1.6%.

The main reason for the growth in the market share of bitcoin was the decrease in the capitalization of XRP, which, unlike the entire crypto market, has been impulsively falling in recent days, explained Mikhail Karkhalev, financial analyst at the crypto exchange. Ripple's XRP token value has plummeted 54% in the past 7 days due to allegations made by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against Ripple.

“The proceeds from XRP sales went partly into fiat, partly into more reliable cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether. In my opinion, there are no prerequisites for a decrease in the market share of bitcoin now. The main cryptocurrency, in contrast to the same Ethereum, is holding near the price maximum, while Ethereum has noticeably sagged and lost the positions that it has reached over the past 2 weeks. If the bitcoin rate now starts to correct, other coins will follow, and vice versa, ”Karkhalev is sure.

He added that this could change in February when the Chicago-based CME launches ETH futures. The inflow of capital into the second cryptocurrency will at some point contribute to a more active growth dynamics than that of bitcoin, which will help the ether regain part of the market share, the expert explained.

“The market is ripe for a slight correction up to $ 21-20 thousand. The price may reach these levels in the first half of January, after which it will go back to growth in search of new highs. I consider the continuation of growth to be a less likely scenario, and even if it takes place, it will be a short growth, in the region of $ 25-25.5 thousand, after which the price will also go to correction, "he concluded.

Sergey Zhdanov, CEO of the EXMO exchange, named several factors that were the main reason for the stability of the bitcoin rate, including institutional demand, as well as alarming news about the spread of a new type of COVID-19 in Europe. On the chart of the bitcoin rate, the expert highlighted a zone of local resistance at the levels of $ 23.5-24 thousand, the coin cannot confidently gain a foothold above which. If this resistance is broken, the path to updating the historical maximum in front of Bitcoin will be open, Zhdanov noted and called this scenario a priority. In case of an unsuccessful attempt to take the resistance level around $ 24,000, a correction should be expected to support $ 22,000 or even $ 20,000, the specialist warned.

Bitcoin has a chance to continue strengthening until the end of the year, but in 2021 it is almost guaranteed a decline of 25-30%, added Artem Deev, head of the analytical department at AMarkets. The beginning of this process can be tracked by the inflow of funds into the Grayscale funds. Investors are now investing in the Bitcoin trust of this organization, on average, about $ 1 billion per month. Over the year, assets managed by Grayscale have grown almost sevenfold - from $ 2 billion to $ 13.1 billion, and the price of bitcoin has tripled over the same time. When the inflow of investments into funds begins to decline, this will most likely lead to a correction in bitcoin, Deev said.

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Bitcoin rose in price by $ 3,620 per day and broke through $ 23 thousand for the first time.

On December 17, on the Binance crypto exchange, the bitcoin rate for the first time in history reached $ 23.114 thousand. The cost of the first cryptocurrency began to rise sharply on December 11 from a local minimum of $ 17.5 thousand. eighteen%.

Growth accelerated after breaking the all-time high of $ 20,000. This may be due to the multimillion-dollar liquidations of short positions of traders on crypto exchanges. According to the service, over the past 24 hours, positions of 78.9 thousand traders were forcibly closed for over $ 1.11 billion. Almost $ 967 million of them fell on transactions with bitcoin.

With a sharp rise in the exchange rate, the exchanges begin to forcibly close the contracts of those who were short. This is a standard mechanism - in order not to lose money, exchanges liquidate short positions of clients and take the funds left on security for themselves. This dramatically changes the ratio of buy / sell transactions in favor of the former, which causes a sharp rise in the value of the asset.

Yesterday, December 16, the price of bitcoin exceeded $ 20 thousand amid several positive news at once. It became known that in 2021 the Chicago Board Options Exchange (Cboe) will launch an index for cryptocurrencies. The tool will show the dynamics of the price of digital assets and historical data.

No less important news came from another exchange in Chicago - CME. She announced the addition of Ethereum futures from February 8, 2021. The instrument is now awaiting the assessment of the financial regulator. For the first time, cryptocurrency futures appeared on CME on December 18, 2017. The exchange added contracts for bitcoin the next day after its rate set a previous all-time high near $ 20,000.

Also yesterday, the investment fund Ruffer Investment Company announced the purchase of bitcoin. Initially, it was reported that the company allocated funds from its separate fund for investing in cryptocurrency about $ 15 million.Later, a representative of Ruffer clarified that the company became the owner of bitcoins worth over $ 740 million.

Earlier, Scott Meinerd, investment director of Guggenheim Investments, with $ 20 billion in assets, called bitcoin "grossly undervalued" at current price levels. According to Minerd, bitcoin should cost about $ 400 thousand. This conclusion was made based on the limited emission of the cryptocurrency and its value relative to gold.

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A new cryptocurrency will appear on December 12. How can I get it for free?

Tomorrow, December 12, a distribution (airdrop) of a new cryptocurrency will take place. Users will be able to receive free SPARK (FLR) tokens issued by the Flare Network project. He develops solutions to bring decentralized finance to the XRP ecosystem by adding support for smart contracts.

To participate in the promotion, you need to hold XRP coins issued by blockchain startup Ripple. Their holders will receive new FLR tokens in a one-to-one ratio to XRP. To do this, tomorrow, at 03:00 Moscow time, a snapshot of user balances will be made. If you buy XRP after this point, they will not count towards the airdrop.

This distribution of cryptocurrency was supported by many exchanges. These include Binance, Coinbase, OKEx, Kraken, KuCoin, Bitfinex, the full list can be found on the project's official website. Users of these platforms just need to keep XRP tokens in their balance to participate in the airdrop. However, each site may have its own restrictions regarding the trading of altcoin XRP, its input and output and other functions.

The project announced the airdrop in August. Since then, the XRP token has shown significant growth in value. During this period, the price of the coin increased by 90%, to $ 0.55, at the moment rising above $ 0.90. In this regard, there is a double risk of incurring losses from participating in the FLR distribution.

First, users who hold XRP but are not interested in the airdrop can start selling coins to lock in profits. Secondly, participants in the FLR distribution can start getting rid of XRP as soon as a snapshot of balances is taken. Due to both factors, the XRP price could plummet after the end of the promotion.

At the same time, it is not known whether it will be possible to compensate for the losses by selling the received FLR tokens. At the moment, it is not known how much the new cryptocurrency will cost and whether it will be in demand in the future.

Airdrop participants can hedge the risks of participation in it by using short positions. If the XRP holder goes short on XRP, then in the event of a drop in the price of the coin after the distribution, the losses will be offset by the profit gained from the short position.

In August, the MEME DeFi token was airdropped and handed out for free. Within a month after that, the coin's price climbed to $ 1800. However, by the current moment the asset has dropped in price to $ 150.

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"Good time to buy ETH." What will happen to the most popular altcoin

Ethereum hit $ 634 on December 1, the highest since May 2018. As of the evening of December 4, the cryptocurrency is trading at $ 590, and despite the decline in recent days, since the beginning of the year, its price has increased more than 5 times. The higher the market “climbs”, the higher the chances of a sharp correction, said lead analyst at 8848 Invest Viktor Pershikov.

“At the same time, the“ low base ”effect continues to affect altcoins, as a result of which they can be bought more reliably than BTC, which has already reached its historical highs. Ethereum both fundamentally and technically looks attractive for investments. If the capitalization of the entire market does not decrease by the end of the year due to profit taking by investors, then I expect the price to rise to $ 700 in December. In this regard, now is a rather good time to buy Ethereum, ”Pershikov is sure.

According to him, ETH is an important asset in the portfolio for 2021 as well, since the technological development of the network, coupled with the demand for the asset from institutional investors, may bring it to a level of $ 1,000 by the end of next year.

Nikolay Klenov, financial analyst at the investment company Raison Asset Management, added that there is a direct correlation between the ether and bitcoin quotes, since bitcoin is the locomotive of the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, the movement of the ether rate depends on the movement of the bitcoin rate, which is now in the range of $ 19-20 thousand and is trying to break through the psychologically important resistance level. Roughly the same thing happens with ether, the expert is sure.

“As for bitcoin, the probability of its growth above $ 20 thousand is still high, since this level has been tested several times and the rollbacks were insignificant - the demand for BTC remains high,” Klenov stressed.

On December 1st, Ethereum 2.0 phase zero was launched. The second version of the Ethereum network will have a staking function. It will allow investors who have sent coins to a deposit contract to passively increase their number. The annual profitability of staking is currently about 20%. It will decrease as the amount of ETH held in the deposit contract grows. Users who send cryptocurrency to it will not be able to withdraw it until phase 1.5, when the connection between the current Ethereum network and the new one is established.

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Trader turned $ 600 into $ 20K in 1 minute

The Binance exchange token (BNB) rate on the Poloniex trading platform fell 33 times, from $ 27 to $ 0.8. It happened yesterday, November 26, paired with the BUSD stablecoin, also issued by Binance.

The reason for the abnormal decline in the price of cryptocurrency was a trader's mistake. Yesterday, there was a sharp drop in the market, bitcoin dropped in price from $ 19 thousand to $ 16.4 thousand in a few hours, altcoins showed stronger dynamics. Against this background, a user who wanted to sell a weakening BNB most likely made a mistake with a trading pair and chose the BNB / BUSD tab instead of BNB / USDT.

The difference between these trading pairs is liquidity. The first pair contains a lot of orders to buy and sell a token, while the second has almost none. Low liquidity makes this pair vulnerable to manipulation.

According to calculations made by the editorial board of RBC-Crypto, now on the Poloniex exchange in a pair of BNB to BUSD, the total volume of orders for selling coins in the price range from $ 27 to $ 900 is about $ 1000. Accordingly, if you buy a token for this amount, you can artificially raise its rate to $ 900. For $ 2,700, you can push the BNB price above $ 9,000.

A similar situation if you try to underestimate the token rate. The first order to buy the coin is located at $ 23.5. Thus, it is possible to artificially lower the price to this level by selling BNB for only $ 1. In the price range from $ 1 to $ 23.5, the total volume for the purchase of an asset is about $ 3000. By selling tokens for this amount, you can bring quotes down to $ 1.

The order book on the Poloniex exchange in the BNB / BUSD pair (Photo:
This is exactly what happened at Poloniex yesterday. Unknown sold a large number of BNB tokens. As a result, the asset fell to $ 0.8. At this price, the trader mistakenly sold 732 coins. Another user, who had placed a buy order here in advance, instantly earned about $ 20,000 by investing just under $ 600. The profit from this transaction was over 3200%.

This is not the first time that an abnormal deviation in the BNB token rate has occurred on Poloniex. In July, the asset price fell from $ 18.2 to $ 6. It is not known how many coins were sold at the undervalued rate, but the user who took advantage of the situation earned more than 200% profit in a single trade.

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The head of the SEC explained the rise in the rate of bitcoin

The existing payment mechanisms have shortcomings, which is a factor contributing to the growth of the bitcoin rate, said the chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Jay Clayton.  In an interview with CNBC, he acknowledged that the cryptocurrency has features that make it possible to characterize it as a store of value or payment mechanism.

 “We have defined bitcoin not as a security, rather it is a payment instrument and a store of value.  Our existing payment mechanisms are ineffective, this is what became one of the factors behind the growth of the bitcoin rate, "Clayton said.

According to the head of the financial regulator, cryptocurrencies come into his field of vision when people use digital money to attract capital to their businesses, like securities.  This happened during the ICO boom in 2017, when there were many unregistered public offerings of securities under the guise of IPO projects.

Clayton announced a few days ago that he was stepping down from office at the end of this year.  He became chairman of the SEC in May 2017 by decision of US President Donald Trump.

This fall, the bitcoin rate has risen by almost 80%, having updated the maximum since December 2017 at around $ 18.5 thousand. Now the first cryptocurrency is traded at $ 18.1 thousand, over the last week its price has increased by 12%.

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Bitcoin is the best form of money. " Interview with the head of Binance

Changpeng Zhao is the founder and CEO of Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume. In 2018, he made the cover of Forbes as a billionaire from scratch in 6 months. The correspondent of RBC-Crypto talked to one of the most influential people on the crypto market. Some excerpts from the interview:

- Is it worth selling Bitcoin or Binance Coin (BNB), and at what price would it be the correct and logical decision?

- Now the level of distribution of cryptocurrencies is at around 0.1%. This means that only one person in a thousand owns cryptocurrency. If cryptocurrencies become more widespread than fiat, in the future the market could grow a thousand times, by 100,000%. This area has a lot of room to grow.

For the full version of the interview, which also raises the problems of regulating the cryptocurrency market, blocking the Binance site by Roskomnadzor, the spread of digital money in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, as well as other topics, see the video:

The new industry market may be larger than the traditional one. For example, if you look at Uber, try to estimate its capitalization, you will not count it based on the taxi market alone. Because Uber can do a lot. Similarly, cryptocurrencies have much more opportunities than fiat. This suggests that the volume of the crypto market will exceed the fiat one. For many years to come, digital money will have a lot of room to grow. Don't take this as financial advice or a guarantee, but I never sell cryptocurrencies. I only spend BNB when I pay with the Binance Card. If I have to pay for lunch, taxi, I just spend $ 50, $ 30 each time.

- What cryptocurrency?

I usually spend BNB, which is my biggest net worth. I never sell BNB for fiat.

- How high can the bitcoin rate rise in principle? What is the goal - $ 100K, $ 500K, million dollars or higher?

To be honest, I still don't have a specific number in my head. Basically, I don't think from this point of view. I said earlier, we only have 0.1% adoption right now. We can grow 1000 times. In this case, 1000 times may not be the upper limit. Whether this will actually happen or not - we do not know, I do not know. Maybe it will never happen, maybe it will happen very soon.

But I believe that cryptocurrencies are the best form of money, in a crisis it is the money of freedom for billions of people around the world. I think this will be one of the fastest growing industries in the next 10 or 20 years. I also believe that the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market should probably be greater than the Internet. I think cryptocurrencies have huge room to grow.

But how much Bitcoin can grow - I'm not sure. In the next 10 years, whether it remains the best cryptocurrency, whether something can replace it or not, I'm not sure. There are a lot of details here, so I can't make a prediction. The only thing I'm absolutely sure of is that this industry has a very high potential. So I spend all my time in this industry hoping to create tools that people will use. I am extremely optimistic.

- DeFi is an explosive story of 2020, with many projects flooding the market. Does this market segment have the potential for further development?

“I think some of the pro-innovations will remain. The liquidity providers, “profitable farming,” now provide a high annual percentage of income. It may not last very long.

Companies create new tokens, issue them as a reward. This is not a long-running story. But I think DeFi will stay. Even now, with the popularity of Bitcoin rising again, DeFi is still popular. We think there is a lot of growth potential in DeFi.

- But don't you think DeFi is a bubble?

- It depends on what you mean by the bubble. The cost of DeFi tokens is being adjusted, growing, constantly floating. In 2017, ICOs were called a bubble, but even now there are many projects that still work great, even if they started in 2017. Binance is one of them. Depends on what you mean by the DeFi bubble. A lot of DeFi projects are already in a bubble, and I also believe that there are elements of a bubble in the DeFi space, but this does not mean that DeFi will eventually disappear completely.
#News #Bitcoin

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"The crisis will last at least 1.5 years." Why Bitcoin is more promising than the dollar

During the 2020 crisis, Bitcoin showed a strong uptrend. The cryptocurrency rate fell to $ 3,800 in March amid panic in the stock and commodity markets, but then began to grow and by November 10 grew by 300%, to $ 15.193 thousand.

Yesterday, November 9, the digital coin fell sharply amid news from Pfizer and Biontech. They announced that their coronavirus vaccine was 90% effective. Immediately after that, the price of the cryptocurrency dropped from $ 15.8 thousand to $ 14.9 thousand. At the same time, the value of protective assets - gold and silver - fell, and the S&P 500 stock index updated its all-time high.

Some of the medium and long-term risks associated with a pandemic will fade into the background when a vaccine becomes available. Therefore, on Monday, precious metals fell in price and risky assets rose in price, explains Mikhail Karkhalev, an analyst at the exchange. Against this background, the bitcoin rate dropped slightly and has almost recovered, and the news about the vaccine itself is local, he believes.

According to Karkhalev's forecasts, the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic could drag on for another year and a half. Crises last about 1.5 - 2 years on average, after which the world economy starts to recover. The current crisis has dealt a fairly strong blow to the economy, in connection with which the transition to the stage of recovery can take up to 2.5 - 3 years, the expert admitted.

Alexey Markov, a leading trader at United Traders, agreed that it is too early to talk about the end of the crisis after news from Pfizer and Biontech. The one-time appearance of a drug against coronavirus will not solve even a small fraction of the systemic problems that have arisen in the global economy, he said.

Bitcoin has shown a confident trend throughout the last year, and there has also been a gradual uncorrelation of BTC with other instruments, Markov continues. Investors will continue to increase their investments in cryptocurrency, perhaps this process will intensify due to the decrease in the cost of precious metals.

The news of the vaccine release will continue to negatively affect bitcoin and gold, says Anton Kravchenko, CEO of Xena Financial Systems, but this factor will not be key. The market will pay much more attention to new measures to stimulate the American economy. Bitcoin, according to Kravchenko, looks good as an investment with a horizon of 2-3 years. According to him, cryptocurrency is clearer than gold for a new generation of investors. In addition, institutional investors started transferring capital to BTC.

Karkhalev also called the dollar's decline likely. The DXY index, which shows the strength of the dollar against a basket of national currencies, has declined 7% since May, to 92.9 points. The economy needs support, in this regard, the governments can continue to accept packages of financial assistance, which will lead to a decrease in the quotations of the American currency and an increase in the cost of gold, the analyst said.

In the coming years, the value of bitcoin is more likely to rise than decline, regardless of what happens in the global economy, Karkhalev said. The cryptocurrency is of interest to investors, in particular because of its advantage - it demonstrates both high profitability and protective properties, the expert summed up.

During the crisis, large investors, including institutional investors, began to invest in bitcoin. Among them is billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller, whose fortune is estimated at $ 4.4 billion. He said that he holds capital in gold and cryptocurrency, and also said that he opened a short position on the dollar, as he expects its value to decline in the next 3-4 years

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Why bitcoin has risen in price by 60% since September. Three main reasons

At the beginning of September, bitcoin fell in price from $ 12 thousand to $ 10 thousand. Then the rate began to grow and by November 6 increased by 60%, to $ 15.8 thousand, setting an annual maximum at this level. After that, the price of the cryptocurrency dropped slightly and now amounts to $ 15.3 thousand.

There were three main factors driving the rise in value of the main digital coin, according to Coindesk analyst Omkar Godbowl. The first reason he called the entry into the cryptocurrency market of new institutional investors. For example, in September MicroStrategy invested $ 250 million in BTC. At the moment, the deal has brought it about $ 110 million in profit.

Godbowl added that demand for cryptocurrency from institutional investors has also been seen on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). On it, the number of long positions on Bitcoin in October set a new record.

Later, several large investors followed the example of MicroStrategy. Among them is Square, founded by Twitter creator Jack Dorsey, which bought BTC for $ 50 million. George Soros' longtime associate, billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller, also invested an unnamed amount in bitcoin, explaining that a bet on digital money can work better than on gold.

The analyst called the second factor the reduction in the supply of bitcoins in the market. Large investors, including institutional ones, purchased coins, reducing their number on exchanges. Supply also declined due to the behavior of retail traders. According to the analytical service Glassnode, the number of BTC on trading platforms has dropped by 9% since the beginning of September, to 2.4 million coins. This means that market participants are determined to hold a digital asset with long-term goals, Godbowl is sure.

The third factor, he named the technical aspect. At the end of October, the bitcoin rate broke through an important resistance level, rising above $ 12.5 thousand. After that, buyers began to invest more actively in the coin, which accelerated its rise in price, the expert summed up.

Earlier, analysts at the Binance exchange named several more factors that contributed to the strengthening of Bitcoin. Among them, researchers have highlighted the growing public recognition of the potential of BTC as a global macro-hedge asset. The demand for it could arise due to the uncertainty associated with the US presidential elections and the spread of the coronavirus.

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"The fall of bitcoin to 0 is impossible." Why BTC will never depreciate

Over the entire history of the cryptocurrency, the bitcoin rate has approached near-zero values ​​several times. However, these were either special cases on individual exchanges, or technical problems. For example, in March 2019, the price of BTC on the BitMax platform dropped from $ 10,000 to $ 0.3. At this level, the unknown sold 48 coins. And in May of the same year, the quotes of the asset dropped to 0 on the BitMEX site due to a malfunction in the trading mechanism, but no transactions were recorded at this price.

The fall of bitcoin to 0 is possible not only on a separate exchange, it can and should happen with the market rate. This assumption was voiced by the American investor Jim Rogers in June 2020. He stated that the first cryptocurrency remains in a bubble and will depreciate in the future, as digital assets will not be able to exist without the control of the authorities. But among the representatives of the cryptoindustry Rogers' assumption did not find support.

Tatiana Maksimenko, the official representative of the Garantex cryptocurrency exchange, questioned the possibility of reducing the bitcoin rate to 0. She believes that this could have happened in the first five years of the existence of the cryptocurrency, when it was interesting only to a narrow circle of users - "geeks". Now the situation has changed.

“Bitcoin is a digital asset with its own well-developed infrastructure, miners in the form of large enterprises with legal registration, financial reporting, computer manufacturers, stock exchanges, custodian services and much, much more. To drop to zero, bitcoin must completely lose demand from anyone: both users and participants in this system (miners, exchanges) and so on. This is no longer possible. There will always be a demand for bitcoin, ”Maksimenko shared.

She clarified that there are several factors that can greatly "knock down" the bitcoin rate. For example, a serious technical vulnerability, for example, if a supercomputer appears that can hack BTC wallets. Another threat is the sudden decision of financial regulators to ban bitcoin. But Maksimenko called both scenarios unrealistic.

Cryptorg.Exchange CEO Andrei Podolyan also does not believe in the prospects for a fall in the bitcoin rate to 0. In the 17th century, this happened with tulip bulbs, but today, in the digital world, such a scenario is impossible. Moreover, BTC can become a haven in case of bankruptcy of the state or depreciation of national currencies.

“Of course, one can imagine that everything can follow the path of“ tulip mania ”, when the cost of tulip bulbs has dropped to almost zero. But now is a different time, the world has changed and rushed towards digitalization. Bitcoin is the standard of digitalization. The popularity of bitcoin will only grow, ”Podolyan is sure.

Hodlhodl CEO Maxim Keidun adheres to similar views. He believes that the fall of Bitcoin to zero is impossible, including because it is unprofitable for large players and institutional investors who have invested in BTC. In addition, cryptocurrency is already accepted at the state level, for example, in Japan, Switzerland and other countries. Keidun named decentralization as another significant factor.

“Behind bitcoin is truly a decentralized community of thousands and thousands of people who, without agreement, without the participation of the central apparatus, took bitcoin as a measure of settlement and accumulation and use and develop it. Therefore, we can come to terms with the presence of bitcoin in our life. Even if some states prohibit it, other states will support it, ”explained Keidun.

The depreciation of bitcoin is also called unrealistic by Coinspaid CEO Maxim Krupyshev. From his point of view, a drop in the price of a coin to zero is possible only if it completely loses demand and it cannot be exchanged for other currencies or for goods and services. For this, it is necessary that all countries, without exception, introduce criminal liability for all operations with cryptocurrency. Even the fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism has not yet received such unanimity in the world, Krupyshev stressed.

“Even if suddenly some regulator of a large economy, say, the United States, completely prohibits bitcoin (which will never happen, but suppose this option), then regulators of other jurisdictions will immediately see in this situation an opportunity to become a financial hub for digital assets, and instead prohibitions will, on the contrary, be introduced, some more favorable conditions for bitcoin investors. So there will be no unanimous ban on bitcoin all over the world, ”Krupyshev said.

He, like Maksimenko, noted that bitcoin could be greatly depreciated if suddenly his system was successfully hacked. But this is an unlikely scenario, since the decentralization of the coin network is at a high level. In addition, even if some precedent of a successful attack on the cryptocurrency blockchain is discovered, the developers supporting it will be able to find protection methods.

All the experts we interviewed are sure that bitcoin is an asset that has come to the market for a long time. Despite the high volatility, the first cryptocurrency has almost no chance of completely depreciating; rather, on the contrary, it will only strengthen its position.

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Bitcoin continued to rise in price. How high the price of cryptocurrency will rise

On Wednesday, November 11, the average bitcoin rate continued to rise. During the day, he added 3% and returned to the level of $ 15.65 thousand. In the near future, the cryptocurrency may again take $ 16 thousand - a two-year record broken in early November, suggested Dmitry Lavrov, trader and founder of Tradunity.

On the BTC rate chart, a triangle pattern is forming with a key resistance at the level of $ 16,000, he noted.

NewsBTC analyst Ayash Jindal added that the main bullish trend line formed with support at the level of $ 15.2K.Now that the cryptocurrency has overcome the resistance levels of $ 15.5K and $ 15.6K, it is moving towards the $ 15 mark. 85 thousand, the expert explained.

Nikolay Klenov, a financial analyst at the Raison Asset Management investment company, in a commentary to RBC-Crypto, predicted that in the long term, Bitcoin will cost $ 20,000 or more. In the global economy, the trend towards an increase in the money supply continues: a new support package from the Fed is expected, the European Union also uses a policy of quantitative easing. This gives bitcoin an edge as a limited issue asset.

“But I do not exclude the possibility that in the near future there may be a rollback to the support level of $ 12,000, and I do not even exclude its breakdown. Therefore, I would advise long-term holders now to enter bitcoin not with all the volume and without leverage, but in case of correction to $ 12 thousand and below, buy more, "Klenov recommended.

Earlier, Coindesk analyst Omkar Godbowle named three main factors that contributed to the growth of the bitcoin price by 60% since the beginning of September. Among others: the entry of institutional investors into the market, the reduction in the supply of bitcoins in the market and the technical aspect - the cryptocurrency overcame the most important resistance level of $ 12.5 thousand, after which buyers became even more active.

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